Frosty Rambles

This winter the Saskatoon Cycling Club are joining forces with Horizon100 to offer winter riding opportunities. A fat tire bike or mountain bike with studded tires is required.

Winter rides are subject to highly variable weather conditions. Rides will not be held if the temperature is below minus 20. Club members will receive an email with the day, time and location of the rides on a weekly basis.

Early Season Rides

With the arrival of March with its fluctuating temperatures, many of the city’s trails and roads become quite treacherous because of ice patches which linger due to shade, banked snow ridges, etc.    The paved roads outside of the city, being exposed to the full sun, dry out much more quickly. The Saskatoon Cycling Club will be offering rides from different meeting points outside the city to where participants will transport their bikes in their vehicles. 

WHEN: These weekends rides will take place either on a Saturday OR Sunday according to the weather forecast. 

DEPARTURE TIME:   1:00 pm (mornings are still quite cool at this time of the year). This will be reviewed as the warmer weather arrives. 

NOTIFICATIONS:  These will be twofold.  There will be a “POSSIBLE ride” club email sent out on the day before the ride.  A “CONFIRMATION/CANCELLATION ride” email will be sent out the morning of the POSSIBLE ride at around 9:00 am taking into account the weather conditions which can be quite unstable at this time of the year. 

The LOCATION of the meeting place will be given at this time taking into account the wind direction,etc if the ride goes ahead.

Club members must email the club before 11AM the day of the ride to indicate their participation.

Wednesday Evening Ride

Come join the club as we explore the streets, paths and trails of our city.  Our Wednesday Evening rides last 60 to 90 minutes and are paced to suit the members in attendance.  Every Wednesday evening — rain or shine.

Every Wednesday evening starting May 5th

Meet at 6:15pm

The ride will depart at 6:30pm

Please note that the meeting point will change periodically throughout the season to give riders an opportunity to explore more of the city and environs.  Departure point changes will be announced via this newsletter and directly with members through email.

Sunday Ramble

These rides will always be on Sunday mornings with varying starting points depending on conditions and to provide interesting routes.

Most Sundays from May to September — club members will be notified of POSSIBLE rides by email.

Meet at 9:15am

Rides depart at 9:30AM

Meeting place:  Varies

These rides will be a two to four of hours in length and will be tailored to suit those that are in attendance.

Club members must email the club by Saturday to indicate their participation.

Please check your email before departing for the ride in case it is cancelled.