Everyday Cycling

Have a bike but don’t seem to ride it as often as you would like? Ride for recreation but want to start using your bike for your everyday trips?
If you are an Occasional Cyclist and want to be come an Everyday Cyclist the Saskatoon Cycling Club want to help you to achieve that goal.
The SCC will be leading an hour long ride within the city every Wednesday evening during the months of May and June. Riders will start assembling at 6:45 and depart at 7pm for a 60 minute ride through the streets and paths of Saskatoon. You will have an opportunity to meet and ride with experienced and confident urban cyclists who use their bike to accomplish their daily trips. We’ll wrap up the ride with some social time.

This ride will be appropriate for adults and teen riders, however teenagers will need to be accompanied by an adult guardian. All riders will need to have obtained a club membership to participate.

Interested? Let us know that you would like more info: email us

Masters Riding

The SCC offers riding opportunities for experienced veterans of the road. These rides are typically moderate to high in length and duration. Riders need to be self-contained and well prepared for these unsupported rides. Riders self-organize through an email / txt list.

Interested in participating in these rides? Contact the club and we will make sure its the right fit for you: email us