About Us

The Saskatoon Cycling Club helps adult recreational cyclists like you get more out of cycling. We are a non-competitive cycling club offering recreational, educational and fitness rides around Saskatoon.  We also organize tours and cycling events.

We are Saskatoon’s longest running bicycle club. We’ve been active since 1971 and are registered as a non-profit corporation.

Our objectives:

  • The Saskatoon Cycling Club encourages non-competitive recreational cycling and touring. We promote all forms of cycling (in cooperation with other cycling clubs in Saskatoon).
  • Educate cyclists in the safe and courteous use of their bicycles. By riding with experienced cyclists, novice riders can learn safe cycling skills. Our experienced touring cyclists will assist people who are new to bicycle touring.

What’s in it for you?

  • Have fun, make new friends and get fit — all at the same time.
  • Set and meet personal challenges.
  • Learn the art of cycle touring — possibly the best way to travel and see Saskatchewan.
  • Learn more about cycling and its benefits for you.
  • Get discounts on cycling purchases at participating bike shops.
  • Receive comprehensive accident and liability insurance during club events.
  • Keep motivated for training or exercise.
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Find us on Facebook