Welcome to the Saskatoon Cycling Club!

Thanks for your interest in the Saskatoon Cycling Club for 2021. 

The activities of the SCC are limited at this time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To participate in rides you must be a member of the Saskatoon Cycling Club. We will be following the SCA Return-to-Cycling Protocol.

SASKATCHEWAN RETURN TO CYCLING UPDATE V. 4-February 24, 2021 Group Activities
1. SCA Sanctioned rides must be currently social distanced to 3 meters (10 feet). •This is an increase up from the 2m (6 ft) previously used.
•If sending out participant groups in waves, physical distancing of five meters (5m) in between groups of participants.

2. Saskatchewan Health is currently encouraging all participants to wear a mask before, during and after activity.

3. Group size on outdoor rides is 10 people that are socially distanced

At the current time the Saskatoon Cycling Club are holding group rides. See the club schedule for more information.

Saskatoon Cycling Club

The Saskatoon Cycling Club is a recreational and touring club located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Saskatoon Cycling Club is affiliated with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association and Saskatchewan Lotteries.

Join us for good times and leisurely rides!

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